Neighbourhood Plan

Collingham Parish Council are creating a Neighbourhood Plan and would like your input, views and participation in this. This will ensure the adopted Collingham Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of your community. 

Thank you for completing our survey back in the spring. Based on this we have two new surveys for both the residents and businesses in the area and we would really appreciate your time in filling them in:

Residents          Business

The Neighbourhood Plan is additional to Local Planning Authority (Newark & Sherwood District Council) and National policies (NPPF) and will give you and your community a stronger voice in decision making on matters affecting Collingham.

The benefit to you of this Plan being in place will be:

  • Your community has a stronger say in planning decisions
  • Your community will receive more money from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which is charged on new developments. This money is then spent directly in our community to improve Collingham.
  • You can be part of the collective vision of how Collingham could be up to 2036.

The Plan will contain topics that will affect you like:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Housing in Collingham
  • Green Infrastructure, Green Spaced and Biodiversity
  • Built Heritage
  • Environment
  • Accessibility, Communications and Transport
  • Renewable Energy
  • Good Design
  • Businesses and Services
  • Protection of Community Facilities
  • Flood Protection and Sustainable Drainage

Neighbourhood Plans in our locality