Photos and information for the Community Park can be found on the Facebook group – you need to be a member to access this information

One of the grants gained for the refurbishment of the Park was from Fields in Trust – see what they say on their website along with some wonderful photos of some of the new equipment.

Statement from HAGs-SMP who supplied the equipment in 2015:

‘HAGS SMP Ltd source our coatings and paints only from Akzo Nobel, the leading global paint manufacturer known for their stringent testing procedures and high quality products,  and HAGS is an accredited applicator of their products. 

We only use lead-free coatings and paints. The latest tests carried out by independent certification bodies in 2014 and 2015 have confirmed that our product coatings and paints  are lead-free and exceed the requirements of the CPSIA, EU Safety Standards, and relevant laws regarding lead content

Please also refer to the API website for the latest positioning and recommendations. We can confirm that all newly produced HAGS SMP products conform the standards as referenced by API’

The Community Park Advisory Committee and the Skate Park Advisory Committee operate within the terms of reference agreed by the Parish Council

Annual Inspection

An annual inspection is carried out on all the equipment within the park by Newark & Sherwood District Council on behalf of the Parish Council. The report was carried out on the old Park equipment which has now mostly been removed and is therefore no longer relevant.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are carried out on all the equipment within the park by a local contractor on behalf of the Parish Council. The procedure for managing  these inspections and any defects identified can be found below.

Dog Control Order applicable to the Community Park

Collingham Parish Council does not have any controls specific to the Park and it is therefore subject to the Newark and Sherwood District Council (NSDC) order.  Full details can be found on the following links:-